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Covid dog training Quarantine Stay home training

Stuck at home? Stuck at home with your pup? Not so bad, right? 

While we are all under stay at home orders we can take advantage of them and send time brushing up on training our dogs.

A few things that are great to work on are:

  • New tricks to keep the entertained
  • Work on Recall skills
  • Practice loose leash walking in your yard, then go for a walk.
  • Brush up on old tricks

Remember to reinforce your dog with positive reinforcement to ensure that they know that they have done what you want them to do. Be sure to give plenty of praise and treats when they have done what you want, at the correct time! Also remember the key to successful training is timing. Your timing is important, but so is the timing of your session. Sometimes it is best to keep things short and sweet.

Have fun!

Need help with ideas or training tips? Comment below and we will be happy to help out! After all our former background was animal training!

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