We Believe in giving back. 


Millions of animals become homeless each year. Some animals have lost their family, are abandoned, surrendered, ill, lost, or even worse. Because of this, shelters are often out of room. We strongly believe in lending a helping paw where we can. One way that we are able to do this is by giving back. We are proud to give bandanas to help German Shepherd Dogs look more adoptable because this is often a huge problem with dogs in shelter environments. As well as providing 10% of each profitable sale to our fellow rescue advocates at German Sheperd Rescue Of Orange County.




The German Sheperd Rescue Of Orange County is a local non profit shelter that is located in Newport Beach, California. This shelter not only provides rescuing, but rehabilitation, and rehoming. They are committed to finding animals the perfect fit with their forever homes. They have chosen to focus their efforts on the German Sheperd breed in order to completely understand the needs of these dogs. This is truly important because it very common for people to think they want a certain breed, only to realize once they are home that it is not the fit that they thought it would be. This causes many animals to be returned to shelters, and create undo stress on the animals. The German Sheperd Rescue of Orange County is a fantastic organization, and we are proud to be able to call them a partner!




Please visit their website for further information.