Meet The Pack

Meet our Model Pack

We are lucky enough to have many talented and amazingly beautiful pups that are apart of our Moxie Model Pack to help promote, and share with you exactly why you should be wearing our brand as well!


Meet Moxie!

She is our (not so) fearless leader. Our girl is a rescue, and the backbone to our brand, our product tester, and the reason The Moxie Collection was born! She is a the softest, sweetest, 40 MPH couch potato (literally), who will do anything to always be with her mama! She loves to talk to tell us its time for bed, to go out, or that there is a tasty snack left on the table! This beautiful girl is a cattle dog, koolie, border collie mix and she is loved to the moon and back!

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Meet Ego!

You may already know him because he is quite the looker and loved by many on Instagram! He and his mom take many adventures together, and she is sure to document them for all of us to live vicariously through them with her stunning photography and amazing ability to showcase Ego's hilarious personality. He also spends much of his time working on his agility moves! 

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Meet Lt. Suitcase!

Lt. Suitcase is an adventure loving, classy lady. This girl knows how to work it to get her way; as she loves to turn upside down to get out of doing anything! She is raw fed to maintain her beauty and likes to sunbathe upside down in the mornings. While she is full of sass, she has a pun-chant for puns!

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Meet Jasper and Louie!
These pups are the idea of fashion, class, and style. They are also what it means to be a loyal friend. We have been instagram friends with their dad since the beginning of our brand, and we are so honored to work with them. But more about them. They love exploring Canada, and go on the most beautiful adventures! Not to mention, they are just so stunning. Who needs any more reason to follow them?! We never did!
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Meet Whiskey!
She is a stylish pup who loves to travel! She is always out with her fabulous mama hitting the town. Living the life in Canada this girl has it all.
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Meet Tuva!
The one and only viking Princess! All the way from Norway, this girl shines bright! She is ever so stylish and gets featured everywhere she turns. Her eyes and ears melt our hearts, and I know with one look they will yours too!
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