Lagoon Long Lines 5/8 width - The Moxie Collection
Lagoon Long Lines 5/8 width - The Moxie Collection
Moxie Hound

Lagoon Long Lines 5/8 width

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Meet our Intertidal Collection™ Leash!
Where the land meets the sea.

5/8 Width (skinny) Long Line 

 Our Biothane® Collars and Leashes are the perfect product for your pet to go from stylish city needs to adventure ready!™


Perfect for training, when you need your pup leashed but want to explore safely, or any other need you may have. Or you want to let your pup explore, but keep them safe. If your pup is a strong dog or strong puller, it is advised to go with the 1 inch width. This will provide a stronger leash.

  • Available in width 1 inch or 5/8 inch
Hello Waterproof! Stink proof! Dirt proof!
Stylish and Adventure Ready!™
  • Made of Biothane®.
  • They are available in 1 inch width and 5/8 inch width
  • Fade resistant
  • Easy to clean - just use soap and water
  • Maintenance free
  • Yet has appearance and flexibility like broken in leather
  • Can withstand freezing temperatures as well as high heat
  • 100% animal and vegan friendly.
  • Ready for all weather

-Brass hardware will naturally patiña over time.  


*Please allow your new favorite leash to be handcrafted to perfection. This will take up to 14 business days to achieve before we can ship it you and your pup.


Please note that our leashes are not intended for tie-out, as this is legal in many locations in the United States. Thus, we do not support unsupervised leashing of your animal.