Love Biothane Collar
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Love Biothane Collar

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This collar is to represent love. Love for humanity. Love for all. Love for our Earth. And Love for one another. We have placed tiny hearts along the top layer of the collar to show our support for one another.

This collar is 100% adventure ready, as the design is embossed into the Biothane® so it can withstand anything your pup may want to do! 

Are you looking to something fun and want to choose your colors? Well, you have come to the right place! Here you can select two colors of Biothane ® to pair together to make the perfect color combination for your collar.

Love Biothane® Collars
Where the land meets the sea.

Hello Waterproof! Stink proof! Dirt proof!
Stylish and Adventure Ready!™

  • Made of Biothane®.
  • They are available in 1 inch width, 5/8 inch width, and 1 1/2 width.
  • Fade resistant
  • Easy to clean - just use soap and water
  • Maintenance free
  • Yet has appearance and flexibility like broken in leather
  • Can withstand freezing temperatures as well as high heat
  • 100% animal and vegan friendly.
  • Ready for all weather
  • Adventure or city lifestyle ready!
  • Select your main base color
  • Then select your your middle color or if you want to call it, the "second" accent color that will be in the middle of the collar.
  • Select your Hardware choice
  • Add a personal touch with our embossing option to make your collar your own!

  • For a perfect fit, please measure for your collar to fit on the center hole.
    Please measure around the girth of your pups neck and allow two fingers to fit under the measuring tape. This allows the collar to not fit too tight on your pups neck. 


    -Brass hardware will naturally patiña over time. 

    Not sure what color to pick? Click here to see our Biothane Color Chart. 

    *Please allow your new favorite collar to be handcrafted to perfection. This will take up to 14 business days to achieve before we can ship it you and your pup.